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30X Microscope for smart-phone (IDEA LENS CLI

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30X Microscope for smart-phone (IDEA LENS CLIP)

Mounted on smart-phone like the clip.
The way of put is just like a cloth peg!
Simple set up and compatible for many kinds of smart-phone!


Image processing using smart-phone camera features. Give upper magnifying power to your smart-phone camera with this microscope lens. Take ultra sharp close up pictures of tiny objects, a wondrous new world of photography will open up before you.


The IDEA LENS CLIP is compatible with a variety of existing smartphones and electronics items.
No special mount is required. With the included lens clip, the conversion lens can easily be attached for use and removed when not needed.


Nature Observation (Animal, Plants) / Skin, Beauty Treatment / Counterfeit /Detection Sanitary / Textile ,Cloth inspection / Scientific & Laboratory / Research /Industrial inspection / Character Check etc.


Product Name 30X Microscope for Smartphone
MaterialClip-ABS, Metal etc/Lens-glass, Aluminum
Lens Clip Size Length 52 x Width 20 x Height 22(mm)
OriginMade in Korea
ManufacturerIDEAGOOD Co.

│ 30X Microscope Lens Festures │

Lens construction 2elem ents in 2 group
HousingAluminum + PC
Minimum focus distance Fixed
Eye relief 3mm
Lens diameter 0.9mm
Dimensions22mm(diameter) x 11.2mm(height)
Weight4.6g(only lens)
Lens Clip + 30X Microsocope lens 1 
Cap 2, Manual 1
Product Detail Image

30X Microscope for smart-phone -IDEA LENS CLI

30X Microscope for smart-phone -IDEA LENS CLI

30X Microscope for smart-phone -IDEA LENS CLI

30X Microscope for smart-phone -IDEA LENS CLI